Up From the Skies: The Polydor Years

Honky Tonk Angel

1) Toe Hold
2) Wierd of Hermiston
3) Up From The Skies
4) Losing You
5) It's Growing
6) Ode to Billy Joe

7) Pinebo (My Story)**
In my youthful enthusiasm at learning this song phonetically, I turned it into a round and thought "I can do this tune because I was adopted and don't know who my parents were/are either" and in the process I did a great disservice to the great Guy Warren's heart wrenching original rendition. You can hear it here:
Guy Warren's "My Story"

8) Can't Find My Way

9) Wings of a Horse
10) It Wasn't God Who
      Made Honky Tonk

11) Wade in the Water

Tracks 1 - 6
Live at The Bitter End

We The People

12) Ain't No Two Ways To
       It - It's Love

13) All To You
14) Sliding
15) Never Tell Your
       Mother She's
       Out of Tune

16) Farther Along
17) I Don't Want to Play
18) Underground River
19) Everybody Wants To
      Go To Heaven, But
     Nobody Wants To Die

20) Jimmy Jean
21) We The People

Track 21
Live at Carnegie Hall

The Players

Billy Cobham   Trap Drums overdub track 1
Candido   Congas tracks 7, 9, 11
Billy Curtis   Congas tracks 1 - 6
Don Moore   Bass & vocals 1 - 6, 9,11 &20
Don Kaplan   Piano track 9
Don Payne   Bass track 10
Bill Keith   Pedal Steel track 10
Jim Madison   Trap Drums tracks 13, 17, 19
Jerry Mercer   Trap Drums tracks 12 & 15
Colin Tilton   Saxophone
The Persuasions  Vocals track 16
Ellen McIlwaine  Vocals & all Guitars