Ellen McIlwaine

I had no artistic control; players, material &
arrangements were all chosen for me...
I didn't find out I wasn't to play guitar
until we started recording.

All tunes were beautifully written by Rawn
McKinnon except Money Can't Save You*
by Alan Gerber and I Gotta Ramble*
by me. (not my arrangement!)

Thankfully, my dear long-time friends
Don & Jerry Moore were allowed to do
the backup vocals.
Having no artistic control was hard to take.
I spent many nights at the Gramercy Park
Hotel rocking my acoustic guitar and sobbing!

This is not a "bad" album (in any sense
of the word!)  just rather subdued.
For better or worse, I have never allowed
artistic control to escape me again!

The Tunes

1) We Got Each Other
2) Isn't That So
3) You May Be All I Need
4) Money Can't Save You*
5) Love And Devotion
6) Steal Him Away
7) I Gotta Ramble
      (Just Like You!)*

8) Lovers' Lane
9) The Last Good Man
      In My Life

10) Don't You Have Any
      Love In Your Heart

The Players

TJ Tindall, Guitar
Daryll Thompson, Guitar
John Lee, Bass
Gerry Brown, Drums
      & Percussion

Cotton Kent, Keyboards
Jerry Cohen, Organ
Bobby Mallach, Saxophone
Jerry Schoenbaum,
      Additional Percussion

Don Renaldo,
      String Contractor

Don & Jerry Moore,
      Background Vocals

Ellen McIlwaine,