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Jimi Hendrix: The Man
The Magic The Truth

by Sharon Lawrence

"Technically, I'm not a guitar player.
All I play is truth and emotion." Jimi Hendrix

     Sharon Lawrence has written a deeply personal account of her friendship with Jimi Hendrix and of the legal wrangling surrounding him. I know this was a difficult and painful book to write: it was painful to read about the abandonment and exploitation of the gentle creative genius that he was.

photo Jean-Pierre LeLoir
jacket design P.R.Brown

Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix

by Charles R. Cross

 "This well researched book gives wonderful insight into Jimi's formative years in Seattle, following him through
his meteoric rise to fame and its accompanying haze
of sex, alcohol and drugs that eventually did him in. It is
based on over three hundred interviews with people who knew Jimi. It brooks no illusions about the man but at the same time reflects the writer's love of Jimi's music."

photo: Monitor Picture Library/Retna Picture Library
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Wonderful Double CD

(it took me about eight years to able to listen to these without tearing up)

Explorer Series: Caribbean The Bahamas: The Real Bahamas in Music and Song
This album presents the distinctive Bahamian religious vocal music of anthems and rhyming spirituals, which seem to combine the traditions of singing sermons, African drum and bell rhythms, and call-and-response; featuring Raymond Pinder and Joseph Spence, whom James Taylor, Ry Cooder, and Jerry Garcia have all claimed as an inspiration.

Explorer Series: Caribbean The Bahamas: The Real Bahamas, Volume II
We were strangers, conspicuously white-skinned, suspected of being Beatles (who had just been there filming Help!) or tax collectors. Peter Siegel was 21 years old; I had just turned 19. We had come to the Bahamas to record the spirituals and anthems of the region and, particularly, the distinctive Bahamian vocal style called rhyming.

Go to The Real Bahamas and scroll down