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For Donald & Cynthia, Jamin, Ethan & Laban,
for Uncle Jerry, and for Ray & Joy and Lily, and for Juma,
for the rest of my upstate NY family:
and for all the children; our brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers
aunts & uncles of African descent!

Black Lives Matter

Save the World

filmed in Toronto 1988


  • Born in Nashville, living in Japan from the age of two as part of an International Community, this slide guitar legend grew up listening to a combination of New Orleans R & B, European Classical, Grand Ole Opry, Japanese Shamisen, Indian Citar, and much more of what is now called "World Music".

  • Her high energy Rhythm & Blues, along with Middle Eastern laments, Indian, Pakistani & West African influences and a capella Gospel numbers all drive her amazing Slide Guitar and Vocal Acrobatics to make for a dynamic show. Anecdotes & stories from her forty-some years in the business add warmth and humour to her unforgettable performances.

    "...a wild ride with the Goddess of SLide..." ...the Georgia Straight

    Thank you all for your contributions to my go fund me campaign.
    I had the freedom to work on my autobiography every day
    during July & August 2015.
    So far, I have gotten as far as 1970 and, continuing on school breaks,
    hope to complete a final draft during July and August 2017.
    I couldn't do this without all of you.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

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