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For Donald & Cynthia, Jamin, Ethan & Laban,
for Uncle Jerry, and for Ray & Joy and Lily, and for Juma,
for the rest of my upstate NY family:
and for all the children; our brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers
aunts & uncles of African descent!
Black Lives Matter

"...a wild ride with the Goddess of SLide..." ...the Georgia Straight

  • Born in Nashville, living in Japan from the age of two as part of an International Community, this slide guitar legend grew up listening to a combination of New Orleans R & B, European Classical, Grand Ole Opry, Japanese Shamisen, Indian Citar, and much more of what is now called "World Music".

  • Her high energy Rhythm & Blues, along with Middle Eastern laments, Indian, Pakistani & West African influences and a capella Gospel numbers all drive her amazing Slide Guitar and Vocal Acrobatics to make for a dynamic show. Anecdotes & stories from her forty-some years in the business add warmth and humour to her unforgettable performances.

    Thank you all for your contributions to my go fund me campaign.
    I had the freedom to work on my autobiography every day during the summer.
    I have gotten all the way to 1970 so far and plan to continue on school breaks,
    finishing during July and August 2016. I couldn't do this without all of you.
    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Still working on it: am up to 1970!

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